Exhibiting at the NOTFAIR 2017 by Brett Ferry


Very happy to be exhibiting at this years Notfair.  It is a huge event, and a mammoth undertaking for the organisers. I will be privileged to soon become a Notfair alumni and join the ranks of previously exhibiting artists that have gone on to great things.

Founded as an alternative to the Melbourne Art Fair in 2010 with an emphasis on artists who are unknown or overlooked Notfair is a hybrid of curated exhibition and commercial art fair. It puts the spotlight on artists of talent who deserve greater recognition. It challenges the established gatekeepers of the art world and offers new opportunities for artists and collectors.

Notfair is a new model art fair that has the look and feel of a Bienniale style exhibition but all artworks are available for purchase. It is both a fair and not a fair at the same time.

Notfair aims to introduce under-represented artists to art lovers, collectors, critics, curators and commercial gallery directors. Now in its fifth iteration the event has proven to be a resounding success with a significant number of Notfair artists moving on to successful careers, gallery representation, inclusion in major curated exhibitions, grants, awards and media attention.

Curated by Notfair original founders – artists Sam Leach, Tony Lloyd and writer Ashley Crawford – this year’s event will feature 50 artists set in a redeveloped factory complex.

12 James st Windsor - Opening Novemeber 11th, 3 to 8 pm.




The Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize by Brett Ferry

Very proud and honoured to be apart of the Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize (BAAP). This is an annual prize and exhibition, judged by industry profesionals. My work "Mountain Rd" was chosen to be in the finalist exhibition, held at, The Gallery at Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre, Brighton Town Hall from Saturday 6 May to Sunday 18 June. A fantastic opening night with a diverse range of artworks. Micheal Vale a deserving winner of the major prize.

Mountain Rd, 53x43cm, acrylic and oil on board.

Ecotone at Rubicon Ari by Brett Ferry

The works from my solo exhibition at Rubicon Ari, titled “Ecotone” explores the transitional areas between two ecosystems. It is where two communities meet and integrate. An ecotone may appear on the ground as a gradual blending of two communities across a broad area, or it may manifest itself as a sharp boundary line. It is this notion that has been used as the basis for the subject matter for this series of paintings and prints. This idea has also manifested itself as an analogy for my working practices, as I explore the middle ground where technology and tradition meet.

I am interested in exploring Post Digital landscape, I derive my works from observation, photography, and digital manipulation. Manual and digital art making processes are a constant source of inspiration, as I am compelled to experiment with combinations of techniques and source imagery, in order to develop reactions that work specifically to the subject matter. I place a high impor­tance on the traditional acts of drawing, printmaking, and painting. For me, these techniques provide a response to time and thought, and a discourse within art history. This enables me to build conceptual layers of ideas and meanings, within each piece of work.

Ferry Brett, Coppice,  Acrylic and oil on board, 53x43, 2016.jpg